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. . . inn-to-inn hiking around majestic

Located   between
San  Francisco   and
the Napa Wine country,
Mount  Tamalpais has be-
witched and beckoned gen-
erations  of hikers and  nature
lovers. With our  self-guided  trek
packages, you will hike through red-
wood  forests and  mountain meadows,
- alongside cascading falls and  pictures-
que lakes, - from mountain  peak to  ocean
beach.  Along  with  its  network  of  beautiful
trails, discover the charms of surrounding towns
nestled among the mountain's ridges and canyons.
(Fairfax,  San  Anselmo,  Larkspur,  Mill  Valley,  and
Stinson Beach). Each  night's  lodging is  easy  walking
distance to many  excellent  restaurants, galleries, shops,
and theaters.

Escape the crowds and come treat yourself to the natural
beauty and splendors of Mount Tamalpais!

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